NIRVANA: A guided inner journey to permanently transform old thought patterns and beliefs

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NIRVANA is a 42 minute guided meditation for deep inner healing and change.

This deeply guided healing meditation includes healing energies and visualizations to help you transform and release old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you and are limiting your life. This is a deep and powerful meditation based on guided visualizations.

Nirvana is designed to take you deep within your subconscious to create deep and lasting change.

This meditation utilises the power of metaphor to deeply transform your old beliefs and perceptions. You are guided in particular to work on your 'house' which actually represents YOU and how you feel about yourself.

Your mind does not communicate in words, but rather through pictures - metaphors. How you see the house and what you experience within it deeply relates to how you view yourself. As you are guided to transform your house and release old ways of thinking, your actual thinking will be changing too!

A powerful path to change that you can use time and time again.


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