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In Mirror Mirror: Be Your Own Medical Intuitive you will be guided through two powerful healing meditations that will help you to:

  • Use X-Ray vision to see and identify the source of your energy imbalance and physical illness
  • Sense and feel the areas of your body that need healing
  • Identify and use the 12 divine power centres in the body, to bring spiritual and physical balance back to you
  • Develop your own intuitive abilities more deeply
  • Release hidden traumas
  • Remove Genetic and Family information that is affecting your physical, emotional and mental health once and for all
  • Take control of your health and wellness through being your own Medical Intuitive.

Internationally recognised Author and medical intuitive Helen Paige has created this extraordinary program to help you be your own medical intuitive. Having facilitated thousands of people over the past 15 years to heal physically, emotionally and mentally, Helen wanted to be able to use this same ability for her own self healing. This was the catalyst for the development of Mirror, Mirror. Now she shares it with you!

"Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are." -Rachel Naomi Remen


$24 US


The ability to see, feel, know and sense what is happening inside your own body

Until recent times, the recesses of the human body were a mystery. What goes on underneath the skin and inside the organs? Traditional medicine has been able to teach us about anatomy and "how things work” but the human body is more than a machine: It is an energetic life form. In order to REALLY understand the body and how to heal it, you need more than understanding: YOU NEED INTUITION. 

A Medical Intuitive is trained to see, hear, sense, and know the patterns of energy imbalance within the body. Once these patterns are identified and acknowledged the body initialises self healing!

“Seeing” inside the body and knowing where illness and imbalance lie and stem from is not only within the realm of “specialists.” Just the opposite in fact: EVERYONE can learn to activate their own medical intuitive abilities. If you’re faced with a health crisis, an illness, or another imbalance, you can aid in your own healing. You have the power to assist in your own healing!


$24 US