ABOUT - Angelos Publishing
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Hi I'm Elena Paige, founder and creator of Angelos Publishing. I was once traditionally published, and it wasn't anything like I dreamed it would be. I was paid very little and still did all of the hard work.

In 2016 I decided to stop whining about the nature of the publishing industry and I began writing and publish my own books. Specifically children's books. I listened to countless podcasts, bought several online courses and educated myself on how to write and publish successfully. I have also published non-fiction books in the self-help field and have spent the last 18 years running an expert-oriented online business.

In 2019, I retired myself from my full time job as a counselor, and now work full time as a children's book author and professional publisher.

Writing and publishing is my passion. It's so much fun to bring a book to life and then nurture it to the right readers. Dealing directly with readers is now possible for authors and building your own strong platform is not only doable - it's enjoyable and exceptionally rewarding.

Through Angelos Publishing I am dedicated to helping aspiring authors like you, realize that publishing your own book doesn't have to be hard, nor cost thousands of dollars. YOU CAN DO IT TOO, just like I did and still am.

The world needs your book. Are you ready?