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Dear Playful Creative!

I'm Elena Paige, Children's Book Author, newbie digital artist, and playful creative. 

Before I became a formal "creative" I used to work in the field of counselling psychology and intuitive healing. I love everything and anything regarding personal growth and development. I'm addicted to growth. And in my 18 years in the health field I discovered that nothing has the power to heal or transform quite like getting creative.

But then I also discovered in the last few years since becoming professionally creative, that there are all these things that seem to get in the way, like...
- procrastination
- inability to focus or get into flow state
- worrying what other people think
- managing my inner critic
- trying desperately to find my own unique voice or style
- making art that people care about or that I care about
- and so much more!

So dear wonderful creative, I invite you to join me in discovering your creative confidence, innovating in style & making art that matters. Together lets become CREATIVE GENIUSes AT PLAY!